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Bruce Cluck

Director Since 2008

Bruce is married and lives in Chicago with his wife, Diane. He has two daughters, one still living at home. Bruce has been a union painter in the city of Chicago for more than 35 years. A self-proclaimed dog lover, Bruce loves to spend time with his Golden Retriever, Cleo. Bruce also enjoys cooking and is an accomplished musician, playing piano, tenor sax, and flute. While Bruce has had an active role in the selection of all the charities that FDC supports, he has a special fondness for the ones involving animals. SitStayRead, which brings dogs into Chicago classrooms, combines two of Bruce’s passions: animals and education. Bruce also discovered and advocated for Girls in the Game, an organization that helps school-age girls to participate in sports. Bruce has a goal of finding new opportunities in housing and healthcare that the Foundation can support.

John Doyle

President Since 2008

John has served as President of the FDC Foundation since its inception in 2008. John lives in suburban Chicago with his wife, Mary. In his role as President, John is responsible for working with the Directors to execute the Foundation’s mission. In his professional life, John works as a training consultant at Universal Training, a consulting firm that develops educational programs for industry. The challenge John enjoys most in his work with the Foundation is collaborating with the Board to reach consensus on charities that both fit the Foundation’s mission and that all of the Directors enthusiastically support. When he’s not at work, John’s interests include travel, food and wine, and anything automotive. John’s immediate goal for the Foundation is to initiate relationships with organizations that can potentially provide outside funding, so that we can expand the Foundation’s work.

Cindy Heynen

Director Since 2008

Cindy lives in suburban Chicago with her husband, Charlie. Cindy and Charlie have three children and two grandchildren. Professionally, Cindy is the owner of a residential/commercial cleaning service. Cindy enjoys gardening, fishing and crafts in her spare time as well as volunteering and travel. Cindy has taken a special interest in the Foundation’s relationships with the American Diabetes Association and Together We Cope. Cindy is especially proud of the fact that the FDC Foundation was voted Top Supporter in 2011 by the ADA. A goal Cindy has for the Foundation is a stronger focus on housing for low-income families.

Susan Patke

Director Since 2008

Susan resides in Chicago with her husband, Randy. They have three children, three grandchildren, and four rescue cats. Professionally, Susan spent her forty-year career in child development, early childhood education, and non-profit management. Susan has taken a personal interest in most of the charities FDC has supported, having had prior knowledge of several of them from her professional career. Susan is most gratified by the education-related grants that FDC has made, especially the scholarships. A goal that Susan has for the Foundation is to facilitate networking and sharing of best practices among the grantees in the Foundation’s various funding areas.