Program Areas


Health & Nutrition:

Specifically, the FDC Foundation contributes to organizations supporting: 

  1. Improved Nutrition for Americans, including organizations supplying food and food supplements to people in need as well as those providing education regarding proper nutrition
  2. The Treatment of Persons with Diabetes, including education, nutrition, medication, and supplies for persons who either now have or who are at high risk of developing diabetes
  3. The Expanded Use of Alternative Medicines, including all forms of nontraditional therapies and medications that offer the promise of improving the lives of people, whether healthy or ill


Specifically, the FDC Foundation contributes to organizations that support:

  1. Early Childhood Development Programs, including but not limited to organizations conducting research on the most promising forms of early childhood development and educational institutions currently doing outstanding work in the field
  2. The Papa & Mama C Scholarship, for graduating seniors at Carterville High School in Carterville, Illinois, for continuing their education
  3. Programs for Returning Scholars, supporting organizations that provide financial support (such as reimbursement of tuition, fees, cost of books, and additional living expenses) incurred by persons who return to school to continue their education later in life (beyond the age when that level of education is customarily completed)
  4. Literary Achievement, specifically organizations (such as colleges and universities) offering financial support or programs to gifted individuals pursuing the creation of meritorious literary works (poetry, fiction, drama, nonfiction prose, or translation) over a specific time period (such as one year)


Specifically, the FDC Foundation contributes to organizations that provide:

  1. Housing Opportunities for those who have difficulty finding housing or achieving home ownership. The organizations may support construction of new housing, rehabilitation of existing housing, or financing of housing for people with unusual needs or facing extraordinary challenges
  2. Education for careers within the real estate industry, such as the endowment of a chair with the business department of a university